This 2-Month-Old Has The Most Relatable Reaction To Stray Kids’ “MANIAC”

This is just too adorable 😂

Stray Kids‘ most recent comeback, “MANIAC”, has been met with praise and adoration, and it’s easy to see why!

STAYs have understandably been raving over the title track and entire ODDINARY album, but they’re not the only ones who are showing their love for the boy group.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Recently, a Twitter user uploaded a video of their baby nephew crying, and his reaction to the “MANIAC” music video playing is absolutely priceless (and adorable).

Amazingly, his crying stops quickly once the video begins, and his expression changes to one that can only be described as awed and delighted!

Fans are cracking up and fawning over the adorable clip of the baby looking awestruck at the music video.

The Twitter user also shared an update of the baby’s reaction to being asked if he loves Stray Kids!

Even the baby’s brother can’t help but show his fanboy side for the group, and we can’t blame him.

These definitely seem to be new STAYs in the making!

Stray Kids

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