Netizens Name The Stray Kids Member Who Was Known For His Handsome Visuals As A Trainee

And he still is!

It’s not uncommon for K-Pop idols to have a glow-up between their trainee days and post-debut days, especially working with talented stylists that really know how to accentuate their best features.

Trainee Jungkook (BTS) vs. idol Jungkook

Some idols, however, were already known for their handsome visuals even before they debuted in the industry, and one of Stray Kids‘ members is among them!

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Of course, all of the members of the group are handsome in their own ways, plus their talent and charisma add another level of attractiveness to them. But recently, Han has been the subject of an online forum post due to being known for his handsomeness as a trainee!

Han (Stray Kids) | SBS

The post shares some photos as proof of his good looks during his trainee days, and it’s really all the evidence needed.

Han as a trainee

Fortunately there is a fair amount of footage and photos of Han taken during his trainee days, thanks to the reality show that was aired in late 2017 before Stray Kids’ debut.

Even back then, Han already had the adorably handsome features that he still has today, showing that not a lot has drastically changed in the last five or so years!

With black hair and minimal makeup, his natural beauty was really able to shine without being overwhelmed by heavy styling.

Korean netizens have shared their opinions on Han’s pre-debut visuals on the online forum post, including that his incredible talents as an idol just add to his already extremely handsome appearance!

  • “IMO, I think Han looks better when he’s in his natural black hair without makeup, compared to when he’s in colorful hair with a lot of makeup. Like, the less ‘decorated’ he is, the better looking he is. Plus, his introverted personality makes him even more charming. He has a relaxed vibe to him, so adorable”
  • “Okay, but Han’s real charm comes from his talent… He becomes about 200 times more attractive on stage”
  • “Some people REALLY dig Han’s style, LOL. It’s me. I’m people. Han is the best!”
  • “He’s always impressive on stage”
  • “So cute and good-looking, for sure”
  • “FACTS. Han is REALLY handsome. He can sing, rap, produce, dance, AND look good. What is there he can’t do? In Han we trust”
  • “Pure Han”

International fans couldn’t help but chime in with similar positive sentiments as well.

With so many great attributes to him, what is there not to love about Han?

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa

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