Stray Kids And NCT DREAM Announce Collaboration In The Most Awkward Way Ever

It’s the most awkward “maknae”-collaboration of the century.

#STAYZens, are you ready? The dreamiest kids collaboration is here!

On December 19, SBS announced that Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung from NCT DREAM and Hyunjin, Felix and Seungmin from Stray Kids will be collaborating for a special stage at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun!

In the promotional video released, Felix is paired with Chenle, Jisung with Seungmin and finally, Jaemin with Hyunjin. The boys are introduced as the “Bol Touch” boys, and the clip features some adorable, but very awkward, cheek-touching (or attempts of it). “Bol Touch” literally translates to “cheek touch”, but can also refer to the cosmetic product for cheeks, “blush”.

They all first introduce themselves in aegyo-filled narrations, with their given characters and fruits! Felix is a chick, Chenle is a dolphin, Jisung is a hamster, Seungmin is a puppy, Hyunjin is full of hearts and love, and finally, Jaemin is an adorable peach!

Felix first asks Chenle to go forward with the cheek-touching and Chenle awkwardly asks, “You want me to go first?”

Seungmin prepares to poke Jisung’s mochi-cheeks, while asking viewers to look forward to their collaboration.

Please anticipate it.


Jaemin then declares that they will all now touch each others’ cheeks, and will give their reviews following the deed. He and Hyunjin then prepare to touch cheeks very awkwardly, and cheer each other on, before deciding to take a moment by vigorously wiping their hands on their pants!

Jaemin then reveals,

I put lotion on my hands before this.


This collaboration is one of many great stages that will be seen at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun this year! Along with the performance line-up that was revealed earlier, the special collaboration stages include MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa with Chungha, TWICE‘s Tzuyu with AOA‘s Seolhyun, and many more!

2019 SBS Gayo Daejun will be held on December 25 in the Gocheok Sky Dome.

Watch the clip here!