What Is Stray Kids’ Net Worth? The Members Have The Most Hilariously Unexpected Answer

They showed their true character.

Seeing as Stray Kids is one of the biggest groups in K-Pop, it would be easy to assume that the members have an impressive net worth. But when asked what it was, they had the most unexpected thing to say.

Stray Kids “MAXIDENT” promotional image | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids sat down with WIRED to answer some of the web’s most searched questions. As expected of the members, they gave some hilariously chaotic takes on many of the questions, such as when they were asked who the real leader of the group is. Naturally, they claimed it is maknae I.N.

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And when asked who the main visual is, Bang Chan suggested that it’s all the members…though Changbin had other ideas, joking that “I am the one and only.”

One of the things that netizens have been naturally curious about is the group’s net worth, especially with all the success Stray Kids has seen as one of the leaders of the fourth generation. Yet, when they first uncovered the question, the members were at a loss as to the real answer. Bang Chan was honest and said in a sing-song voice, “I have no idea…”

The others asked him to explain what the question referred to…

…but even once he did, they weren’t sure how to answer it. So Bang Chan hilariously said, “Our net worth is…you know, we’ll put the numbers as STAY because STAYs are more valuable to us.” Felix and the others agreed.

While estimates of the group’s net worth fall anywhere between $17 million and $50 million, it’s safe to say the members are pulling in very high numbers. But as expected, they’d still rather talk about fans!

Watch the full clip from WIRED right here.

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