Stray Kids Dominates Worldwide Charts and Twitter Trends After Release Of Their First Studio Album “GO生 (GO Live)”

These kids are looking to become kings.

Not even a full 24 hours after their first studio album’s release, Stray Kids has shown that they have their sights set on conquering the world.

Their album, titled GO生 (GO Live), was released June 17 on various music streaming platforms. By the end of the day the album’s title track “God’s Menu” reached the top spot on the Soribada real-time chart, leading the group to become worldwide trends through hashtags including #straykids, #StrayKids_GodsMenu, and #StraKida_GOLIVE, each of reached as high as #3 on Twitter‘s global real-time trending topics.

In addition to the success of the title track, the entire album has received huge chart success, not just domestically but also worldwide. At about the same time “God’s Menu” reached its top spot on Soribada, the album rose to #1 on iTunes album charts in 23 countries, including the United States and Canada.

This success doesn’t come as too much of a surprise going by the album’s prerelease sales. As of June 12, the album had surpassed 200,000 unit sales, which beat both Stray Kids’ previous recorded as well as the prediction set by those in the music industry. On the day of its official release (June 17), it recorded enough units sold to top the Hanteo chart, again breaking the group’s previous record.

To launch the release of their album, Stray Kids met for a live online unveiling, including a mini showcase for a few songs off of the album, that was broadcast live to fans everywhere. They also announced a TikTok dance challenge, something that fans have shown great excitement about. Officially beginning June 16, the “#GodsMenuSKZ challenge” includes point moves like the “knife dance” and the “tang tang tang,” all of which can be found in the music video and even shown up close by the members below:

Stray Kids will be maintaining their planned promotion schedule amidst the coronavirus outbreak, which includes radio show appearances, weekly music shows, and their participation in KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER.

Congratulations Stray Kids on the early success of your first studio album, and we wish for its—and your—continued success!

Check out the official music video for “GO Live” below:

Source: NAVER and Rolling Stone India

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