Stray Kids Announces New North American Tour Dates, But Fans Around The World Are Wondering When They’ll Be Next

What happened to “and more?”

Stray Kids just dropped new North American tour dates, but some fans are wondering if the “and more” dates initially promised will extend outside of the US.

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Stray Kids completed the start of their tour Stray Kids 2nd World Tour “MANIAC” in Seoul April 29 to May 1. From there they are set to play shows in Japan and North America as initially announced. Along with these dates, the phrase “AND MORE” was listed on the original poster. Fans still don’t know what this means for them.

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Due to high demand for their US stops, two additional shows were previously added in Newark and Los Angeles. Not all fans were pleased. Though the initial shows were marked as sold out, fans noted that many tickets were being immediately resold at highly inflated prices. Additionally, some fans thought the initial sale of tickets was unfair due to Ticketmaster‘s Official Platinum service.

Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Tour Sells Out, But STAYs Claim Barely Any Fans Got Tickets

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Even so, more shows were just announced. They will be adding one show in Seattle, WA and will be holding two shows in Anaheim, CA.

Some fans think that the issue of a large amount of reseller tickets available still needs to be addressed first, considering these stops are still not technically “sold out.” Fans want to buy tickets, just not at the highly inflated prices.

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Though many North American fans were wishing for additional dates in places other that the West Coast, fans around the world are wondering if this is what was meant by the “AND MORE” listed on the original tour poster.

Fans of K-Pop artists have joked in the past about what a “world tour” means as many countries are often overlooked.

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Some fans are hoping that adding more North American dates isn’t what they meant by “AND MORE.”

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Fans specifically in Latin America and Europe are still waiting for their chance to buy tickets.

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Hopefully more dates will be announced soon so that STAYs all around the world will get to see the hard work Stray Kids puts into their shows in person.

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