Stray Kids’ “ODDINARY” Album Just Broke Sales Records For The Group

Congratulations, Stray Kids!

As any Stray Kids fan should know, the group is set to make a comeback on March 18 with the mini-album ODDINARY and its title track “Maniac”.

This will be their first comeback since they released their single album Christmas EveL back in November last year.

Pre-sales for the new mini-album have been going on for a while, and earlier today, it was announced that Stray Kids has broken a new record with ODDINARY‘s pre-sale numbers.

While their 2021 full-length album NOEASY was their first to surpass one million total sales, ODDINARY is now their first to reach over one million pre-sale orders!

NOEASY held the record before this, with around 930,000 pre-sale orders in the days leading up to its release.

This just goes to show that Stray Kids’ influence and popularity is continuing to grow, and this might just be their most-hyped comeback to date!

Their sales numbers will only go up even more after the album is released, and it will be a surprise if it doesn’t break further sales records.

Stray Kids

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