Stray Kids Prove To Everyone That They Are Massive ARMYs

One member is a bigger fan than the rest.

Stray Kids have been proving they are huge fans of their seniors BTS recently.

First of all, do you remember when they covered the dance for “DNA” on Idol Radio?

Or when they did a full-blown cover of “DNA” at Music Bank in Berlin?

Members FelixHyunjin and Minho participated in the “Idol Challenge” to great effect.

More recently, ARMY has been showering Stray Kids with love after two events that prove Stray Kids love BTS. First, members Bang ChanI.N and Hyunjin reacted to Song Request by LeeSoRa featuring Suga on Vlive. Their subtle reaction to Suga’s rap had ARMYs embracing the boys as one of their own.

Hyunjin was conducting a solo stream the next day where he got really really into “Waste It On Me” by Steve Aoki featuring BTS. Hyunjin is definitely the biggest ARMY of the bunch.

It must be fantastic having BTS as a senior group to look up to and adore.