Stray Kids’ Seungmin Gives Fans A Teaser About An Unreleased Song

“I can’t disclose all the details.”

In the most recent episode of Stray Kids‘ YouTube series “2 Kids Room,” members Felix and Seungmin were paired up to talk while the other members watched from behind a screen and added their own thoughts.

In the episode, the two talked about everything from the fate of their iconic “PuppyCat School” VLIVEs…

Stray Kids’ Seungmin | Stray Kids/YouTube 

… to Felix’s improvement in baking and cooking…

Stray Kids’ Felix (left) and Seungmin (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube 

… to Seungmin’s recent boxing hobby.

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But then the two became more sentimental, starting with Felix complimenting Seungmin’s incredible vocals.

Saying he always looks forward to any collaboration Seungmin might have or new styles he might try. And that he’s always impressed with his dedication and work ethic.

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Seungmin couldn’t help but give Felix a well-deserved compliment in return.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Even as Felix joked that there was “nothing” he’s done that could have impressed Seungmin.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

He explained that while Felix raps in a deep voice, the idol sometimes shows unexpected sides that impress Seungmin.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

He gives “Surfin'” as an example.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

“Surfin'” was part of another series on Stray Kids’ YouTube channel, “[SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl in Harmony,” where all the members were split into groups to produce a song and film a music video. Giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into their more typical process.

Bang Chan and Hyunjin released “Red Lights.”

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin in “Red Lights” 

Han, Seungmin, and I.N released “Gone Away.”

Stray Kids’ Han in “Gone Away” 

And Lee Know, Changbin, and Felix released “Surfin’.”

Stray Kids’ Lee Know and Changbin in “Surfin'”  

“Surfin'” was a playful, upbeat summer song that included some of Felix’s vocals, which is likely what impressed and surprised Seungmin.

But Seungmin continues his compliment with another song that recently impressed him.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

A song that he says he “can’t disclose all the details” about since it hasn’t been released yet.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

But he does reveal that Felix was a part of the song-making process with some other members. And that Felix’s rapping in it really impressed him.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Even saying that Felix “ate the song up from the start.”

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And that he was dancing to the song the whole time he was listening.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Saying that this yet-to-be-released song reminded him how cool Felix is.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Seungmin wraps up his compliment by saying that he thinks “STAY will really love [the song] too.”

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Since Stray Kids are making their comeback with “ODDINARY” on March 18th, 2022, fans can hope that the song Seungmin is referencing will be included in the comeback.

You can read more about “ODDINARY” here.

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