Stray Kids’ Seungmin Made “MANIAC” A True JYP Entertainment Song With One Simple Addition

It’s never been done in a Stray Kids song before 😂

Different K-Pop companies have varying patterns and styles that make a song sound like it came from them rather than a different label. Whether it’s a certain type of music, branding, sampling, or something else, sometimes a person can determine what company a song was released under just by those details alone.

When it comes to JYP Entertainment, fans often think of one thing in particular that makes it totally obvious when a song is from the company.

Though it doesn’t make an appearance in every single song, CEO J.Y. Park‘s iconic “JYP” whisper is a well-known snippet in songs that he has produced.

Until now, however, the signature whisper hasn’t made an appearance in a Stray Kids song, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your opinion of it.

However, during an appearance on a radio show recently, Seungmin changed this fact by adding a JYP whisper of his own to their latest hit, “MANIAC”, along with Stray Kids’ name as well.

Fans are getting a kick out of his creative adlib and sharing their reactions on Twitter!

Whatever your opinion is on the signature whisper, there’s no denying Seungmin did an adorable job with it 😂

Stray Kids

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