Stray Kids’ Seungmin Once Again Proves He’s The Biggest DAY6 Fan With His New “SKZ-RECORD”

There isn’t a more dedicated fan.

It’s no secret that Stray Kids member Seungmin is a gigantic DAY6 fan. He has uploaded many covers of their songs and eagerly talks about the group in different interviews and VLIVEs.

He has uploaded “SKZ-RECORDs” (playlists on their YouTube account where the members upload covers and original songs) of DAY6 songs in the past.

He first uploaded his cover of DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful.”

And then later he uploaded a duet cover of “Congratulations” with Han.

And he has even done live performances of DAY6’s songs.

He performed DAY6’s “I’ll Try” with Bang Chan and I.N.

And did a special performance at KCONTACT with Bang Chan of “Zombie.”

So it comes as no surprise that he would once again bless his fans with his angelic vocals in a new cover. This time, gifting fans a new cover of “Zombie.”

Unlike his incredible performance with Bang Chan, which was live and limited to the fans who paid for the KCONTACT content, his latest cover is officially recorded and uploaded as one of “SKZ-RECORDs.”

And this time, his fellow talented vocal Han joins him in the stunning cover.

“SKZ-RECORD” cover art for “Zombie” | @Stray_Kids /Twitter

Both Seungmin and Han sing with voices rich with emotion, their honey vocals incredibly soothing. Making this a truly unforgettable cover that you’ll find yourself listening to on repeat.

DAY6 are lucky to have such a loyal, talented fan in Seungmin. And Stray Kids’ fans are lucky to have such an incredibly talented main vocal.

You can listen to the new cover here.

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