“Show Champion” Accidentally Dropped Unedited Selfies Of Stray Kids, And Fans Are Celebrating

They need to tell us their skin care routines ASAP.

Sometimes, K-Pop idols can seem unnaturally beautiful. And while it’s true that many of them are absolutely gorgeous in real life, there is still a certain level of editing and filter use that goes into the media posted by idols and their companies most of the time.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

It can contribute to fans having unrealistic expectations of themselves when they’re bombarded with pictures of idols with glass-smooth skin without a single flaw, especially those who are younger and more impressionable.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

On March 30, Stray Kids performed their most recent hit, “MANIAC”, on Show Champion. After their performance, the music show posted a series of selfies from each of the members, but fans quickly noticed something unusual about them.

The selfies appear to be unedited, allowing each member’s natural skin texture and minor flaws to be seen. While the photos were quickly removed from Twitter, fans saved the photos and began praising them for making the Stray Kids members look far more real than any edited photo!

Even with their small imperfections, the members are all still clearly very handsome, and fans are asking them to drop their skin care routines! And overall, STAYs are just overjoyed at being able to see their favorite idols as they are, with some of them even showing signs of their makeup being smudged or wiped off due to the intensity of their performance.

Here is what some people are saying in their appreciation of these gorgeous selfies.

It would be so nice to see unedited selfies become a more common thing in the K-Pop industry!

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