Somi Gives Stray Kids A Special Shout-Out At The “2022 MAMA Awards,” Showing Their Close Friendship

“My JYP family heart is crying.”

Soloist Somi is currently signed under YG Entertainment‘s The Black Label, but before the idol debuted as a soloist, she was a trainee under JYP Entertainment. Because of the time Somi spent in JYP Entertainment, she has close friendships with TWICE and Stray Kids Bang Chan.

Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan has shown his friendship with Somi through some of his Chan’s Room live broadcasts, like when he reacted to “Dumb Dumb” and congratulated her. Bang Chan explained that when they were both trainees, he “saw her all the time as a kid. It’s been almost 7 or 8 years. We’ve known each other for 8 years.”

The two have also had several adorable interactions at awards shows.

And in one of Somi’s live broadcasts, Somi not only exposed her adorable nickname for her friend but suggested that she should react to Stray Kids videos as thanks to Bang Chan always supporting hers.

Now fans of Stray Kids and Somi have another adorable interaction between the two artists as both attended the 2022 MAMA Awards.

As the MC for the awards show, Somi captivated fans with her goddess-like visuals and impressive collaboration stage with YGX dancer Lee Jung Lee.

| @MnetMAMA/Twitter

Stray Kids also showed off their handsome visuals and gave a jaw-dropping cinematic performance of some of their hit songs.

Stray Kids | @MnetMAMA/Twitter

But one moment fans of both artists can’t get over is when Somi directly addressed Stray Kids during the show.

Stray Kids, how my boys doing?

— Somi

And Somi further showed their friendship, complimenting their impressive enthusiasm by referencing one of their iconic songs.

Maniac energy, alright!

— Somi

Fans couldn’t get over Somi’s endearing way of addressing the group.

And loved the interaction crumbs.

It seems like Somi will always keep JYP Entertainment artists close to her heart.

You can watch the full clip here.