Stray Kids’ Staff Member Gains Attention For His Attitude Towards Fans

He’s not the only one.

The members of Stray Kids are not the only ones who have kind personalities—their staff members do as well!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

The split-second actions of one of the managers of the boys has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter). User @bb_bc97 reposted a video from their February KMS Fansign in Shanghai. They noticed that a fan was taking a beat too long with Bang Chan, holding his hand and talking one-on-one.

I saw it this TikTok, but seriously, it seems like all Stray Kids staff are genuinely kind-hearted.

— @bb_bc97

Instead of rushing her and forcing her to hurry, the staff gently gestured her to move to the next seat, complete with a smile!

This surprised netizens as staff members are notorious for hurrying along the fans during fansign events. They were happy to “finally” see “respectful staff,” saying they are “kind” and “the best.”

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This is apparently not the first time Stray Kids’ employees tood out for their kind actions. One fan shared her experience of being treated well by the ones assigned to fan booths.

I went to the fan meeting and the staff at the booth were so kind and helpful, I was touched. I gave them some snacks to share, but they were even more touched than me, saying, ‘Did you bring this to share with other fans? Oh my, thank you so much~’

— @h0_skz

Another noticed that the staff always gently ask fans to follow the rules in airport appearances.

That’s right, even in airport videos: ‘Could you please not push me just for a moment~~~’ They were like this…so kind.

— @handol_09

Stray Kids is a JYP Entertainment group composed of eight members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

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Source: TikTok

Stray Kids

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