Stray Kids Took Sides On The “Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza” Debate And It Could Wreck Your Bias List

Which Stray Kids member shares your opinion?

The question of whether pineapple belongs on pizza has been dividing the Internet up for the past few years.

For some, pineapple has no place on pizza. For others, Hawaiian pizza is their unquestionable favorite.

With an issue as contentious as this, it is no doubt that groups will have members on both sides of the argument.

Recently, Lee Know, Changbin and Woojin were asked on their opinions on Hawaiian pizza.

Changbin revealed he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza.

Lee Know took a more diplomatic approach to the debate, saying that while Hawaiian pizza isn’t his preferred type of pizza, if it’s there then he doesn’t mind eating it.

Woojin however admitted that he loves having pineapple on pizza, much to Changbin’s dismay.

Changbin explained that he dislikes how Hawaiian pizza tastes sweet and sour.

Instead he believes that pizza needs to be fatty and thick, hence why in his opinion, pineapple does not belong on pizza.

On the other hand, Woojin explained that he loves eating pineapple.

Woojin asked Changbin whether he likes grilled pineapple, to which Changbin answers he does but does not like it with pizza.

Meanwhile, it appears that leader Bang Chan is also a “pineapple on pizza” supporter as he has previously admitted that he loves having pineapple on pizza.

These opinions have left many Stray Kids fans in a difficult situation. While they otherwise adore the members’ personalities and talents, this opinion has been the dealbreaker for some STAYs.

Some have jokingly had to cancel Woojin and Chan because of their views, even though they had previously been on the top of their bias lists.

Other fans however have completely agreed with Woojin and Chan’s opinion that pineapple on pizza is delicious.

With such revelations being exposed, some have felt that their biases have been reaffirmed, while others are now ready to promote the two oldest Stray Kids members to the top of their bias lists.

Which Stray Kids member do you think is a man of good taste?

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