Stray Kids Go Viral For Their “Confused” Reactions To Winning At The “2023 VMAs” — Changbin Reveals The Real Reason Why

Their reactions went viral after their names were announced!

Stray Kids gained attention for their confused reactions after winning an award, but member Changbin seemingly revealed the reason why.

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On September 12 (local time), Stray Kids attended the 2023 VMAs and absolutely shined with their performance of their hit track “S-Class.”

Along with their performance, Stray Kids won the award for  “Best K-Pop.”

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Yet, while most artists would be jumping up and down, the members of Stray Kids seemed very confused and were looking at each other like they didn’t know what to do, especially when Bang Chan and I.N started to get up.

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It seemingly took them a few seconds to realize what was going on and when they did, you could see the members’ reactions change instantly and huge smiles erupted on their faces as they knew they had won.

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Of course, once they got on stage and started talking, they got back into the groove after actually realizing they’d won.

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Of course, netizens immediately noticed their confusion.

Yet, it seems like there might actually have been an explanation for all the confusion of the members after their names were read out. After the event, Changbin chatted with fans and shared his thoughts, actually revealing that they initially didn’t know their names had been called.

Really lolol the song was playing but we didn’t know it was us. We didn’t know we were being called because we couldn’t hear well..lolol.

— Changbin

Of course, it was a huge achievement that the members deserved, and considering the atmosphere and noise, it wasn’t surprising that the members didn’t manage to hear their names.

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