Streaming Platform FLO Explains That BTS, IU, SG Wannabe, And Oh My Girl Plummeted On The Charts Due To AI Error

The service has recently undergone a big update, confusing their AI.

On June 28, fans noticed that songs by BTSIUOh My Girl, and SG Wannabe were suddenly plummeting in rankings on the music streaming platform, FLO. FLO was created in 2018 by SK Telecom in cooperation with many entertainment companies.

Some of the songs the netizens noticed were Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop,” IU’s “Eight,” “Blueming,” “Hold My Hand,” SG Wannabe’s “Saldaga,” “My Person,” and BTS’s “Life Goes On.” They rapidly began to fall in rankings until they were eventually out of the Top 100, a position they have easily held for over a month.

IU’s “Hold My Hand” Chart | FLO
Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” Chart | FLO
SG Wannabe’s “Saldaga” Chart | FLO
BTS’s “Life Goes On” Chart | FLO

Once FLO received several complaints from fans, they clarified the situation.

To maintain fairness on the chart, FLO uses AI technology which uses a certain logic. However, during a recent feature update, the new logic used by the AI system took exaggerated effects, so such errors occurred. After receiving feedback from users, the system has fixed the errors.


As of July 1, many of the songs have returned to their original rankings.

Source: Wikitree