The Beautiful “Street Woman Fighter 2” Contestant With The Most “No Respect” Stickers Hits Back At Her Haters In The Best Way

She was praised for her beauty, but introduced them to her talent!

As the new series of Street Woman Fighter 2 has started, one contestant is going viral after hitting back at the dancers’ preconceived opinions of her in the best way.

Some of the cast of “Street Woman Dancer 2” | Korea Joongang Daily

While the show’s cast has gone global, the show’s premise is the same, with the dancers all trying to show off their talent. In particular, like the past series, the dancers had to pick someone to give a “No Respect” sticker to before showcasing their skills.

The dancer with the most, getting a total of six, was Audrey Lane, and while she could’ve easily been upset, she took it in her stride.

Audrey’s reaction to her “no respect” | THE CHOOM/YouTube

Audrey is part of JAM REPUBLIC and introduced herself as the youngest contestant in her crew.

| THE CHOOM/YouTube   

Going into the vote, many saw the young dancer as a visual, praising Audrey for her cuteness…

But also underestimating her because of her young age.

Yet, the contestant gained attention after proving all the members wrong during her dance battles. Along with being extra polite…

Audrey shocked the contestants by proving that she is much more than just a “Pretty” face after wowing with her amazing dancing skills and facial expressions when performing.

Of course, while the Korean dancers might have been shocked by Audrey’s talent after she won two battles, international netizens weren’t surprised, considering how much experience she has despite being so young.

Audrey has proved that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and she will definitely be one to watch during the series.

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