“Street Woman Fighter 2” Already Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation, And It Hasn’t Even Premiered Yet

The show’s not learned from past mistakes.

Mnet‘s reality show Street Woman Fighter‘s second season is already under fire for cultural appropriation and has not even aired yet.

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Previews for Street Woman Fighter 2 have been released. Eight crews and the first mission were revealed. WOLF’LO and LADYBOUNCE specifically have garnered attention already but for the wrong reasons.

Netizens noticed at least three WOLF’LO dancers were styled with cornrows while LADYBOUNCE wore durags, all of which are from Black culture. Episode 1 has not even officially aired yet, and there is already cultural appropriation.


3/6 members with the cornrows & we got the durag warriors as well🙃 anything to fit the ‘hiphop’ concept i guess🥲 #streetwomanfighter2 #swf #kpopsidedish

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Durag is a close-fitting protective cloth for Black people to maintain wavy hair texture. Cornrows are not simply a hairstyle; they hold great historical-cultural significance.

Cornrows helped enslaved Africans put up small acts of rebellion and resistance by not only allowing them to keep their heritage close, but also providing a discreet way to transfer information. Cornrows soon became used as a way for slaves to secretly communicate with one another.

— Beds SU

Rihanna in durag

Netizens were disappointed but not surprised by the cultural appropriation in Street Woman Fighter 2. Yet, it was not just hairstyles. They also noticed that one of the dancers raised their fist at the end, which has been used as a gesture and symbol for the Black Power Movement and Black Lives Matter in the fight against racial oppression.

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Street Woman Fighter‘s first season was also under fire for cultural appropriation on more than one occasion. Still, its arguably most controversial dance group was CocaNButter.

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“Street Woman Fighter” Dance Group CocaNButter Come Under Fire For Culture Appropriation With Their Track “Mi Deh Yah”

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