Here Are The Biggest Misconceptions Netizens Have About Professional Dancers, According To “Street Woman Fighter” Contestants Rozalin And Emma

Hopefully, the show will change that!

Since the start of the Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter, the show has quickly gained love from fans worldwide and shone a light on professional dancers. Although it might have ended, the dancers are still being given new platforms and revealed their thoughts on the status and treatment of professional dancers in the industry.

Two of those who have recently shared their views were two members of team WANT: Emma and Rozalin.

Rozalin and Emma (far right) with the other members of team WANT | Mnet

The dancers recently took part in an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, where they discussed their friendships with other dancers, their experiences in Street Woman Fighter, and much more. 

Team WANT’s Emma and Rozalin | @rozalllll/ Instagram

In particular, they discussed some of the times where people might have misconceptions or prejudgements about the title and role of “dancers.” Rozalin explained that, despite the love the dancers received on the show, the perception of being a dancer wasn’t one that people saw as cool.

She added, “The perception of a dancer being a backup dancer is not a cool job, but I think that dancers are artists too. The artist’s performance shines more because of the dancers.

Emma then added that it isn’t a role that gains as much attention or respect as it should for many dancers.

As there isn’t a huge platform for dancers on their own, she adds that most of their work comes in choreographing for others. Yet, Street Woman Dancer was a chance to change that.

My schedule is mainly working for artists. Yet, there are a lot of times when I don’t feel respected as a dancer. Other dancers and me who practiced a lot didn’t have many opportunities to show our skills. I was happy to be able to express what I had practiced so far.

— Emma

| Mnet/ YouTube 

It isn’t the first time that professional dancers have had to address misjudgment from people. In a video for AYO, professional dancers Sara and Lee Bomin explained that despite many fans’ believes, they are very different from the backing dancers seen during idol’s performances.

They also added that, despite thoughts from fans, dancers would still have jobs even if it wasn’t for idols.

Since Street Woman Fighter started airing and gaining attention, it seems like those stereotypes and misjudgments are slowly going. Yet, with the career choice still a mystery to many compared to the world of K-Pop idols, there is still a long way to go!

Source: @emmaltose and AYO