“Street Woman Fighter” Emma Was Set To Debut In A Girl Group In 2022 — Her Former Agency Is Now Preparing To Sue Her

Her agency is preparing to sue.

It has been reported in Korean media that an agency, Dread Alliance, has decided to sue Emma Song. Emma Song is a dancer that shot to fame after appearing in Street Woman Fighter as part of the WANT team.

In an official statement made on October 5, 2021, Dread Alliance is preparing to sue Emma for compensation for damages. According to the statement, she had been signed to the agency but participated in activities such as dancing backup for idols and more, without the agreement of the agency. For the sake of the other members of the debut group, the agency states they will be giving Emma another chance to fulfil her contract. Otherwise, they will be suing.

Hello. This is Dread Alliance. We are preparing to formally sue Emma (Song Hye Min) for compensation in damages. She had signed an exclusive contract with us as a trainee in 2019 and was preparing to debut in a girl group under our company and other partner companies in January 2022 after a period of training but she had unilaterally notified us about voiding the contract due to her own personal change of mind.

We have confirmed that she has violated the terms of our exclusive contract and damaged her stature as part of the debut group through her participation in Street Woman Fighter which was signed as a dual contract (between her and the show) rather than a 3-party contract (involving the agency) and through her activities as a backup dancer which was not agreed upon, as well as activities with other agencies.

Emma, unlike the other members, consistently had created issues all this while and the agency has always solved these for her where possible in the name of the group’s teamwork but she had violated the exclusive contract and has not responded to our requests.

Despite this, Emma has unilaterally notified us of voiding the contract and has since not been transparent with us regarding her projects and the members that had been preparing for debut with her, as well as our agency and the partner companies, have all received damages through this. As such, our agency has decided that communication with Emma will henceforth not be possible and we have decided to prepare for a lawsuit against her.

But the other members that have been preparing for debut as planned, have received damages from Emma’s own individual wrong judgements and so, our agency as well as the partner companies hope that these efforts of ours do not go to waste, and we request for Emma to carry out the duties as per her exclusive contract and if she. continues to ignore our requests and efforts, we will be firmly taking legal measures.

Thank you.

— Dread Alliance

Emma has yet to speak on the matter.

Source: Newsen