“Street Woman Fighter 2” Contestant Latrice Is Gaining Attention For Her “Savage” Actions Toward Opponent Redlic

“If my opponent did that to me, I’d like to disappear, please…”

Street Woman Fighter 2 contestant Latrice is gaining attention and making netizens LOL with her “savage” response to fellow contestant Redlic.

Contestant Latrice | @_latricekabama/Instagram

During the past few episodes, the relationship between Latrice and Redlic has been like a K-Drama, where Redlic gained criticism for her attitude towards Latrice…

To “soulmates.”

In the recent episode, it was time for a classic dance battle, and one of the duos was Latrice and Redlic.

Latrice went first and showcased her unreal talent, stamina, and style when she was dancing, and the rest of the contestants couldn’t help but cheer her on.

Next, it was Redlic’s turn, and she seemingly wanted to start strong with her powerful walk towards Latrice.

As soon as Redlic got to Latrice, the JAM REPUBLIC dancer copied her opponent, who started dancing with a focus on “hairography.”

Hilariously, Latrice explained that she knew exactly what her opponent was going to do, adding, “I knew she was going to do her hair and I knew how she was going to battle it.”

The contestants couldn’t hide their LOL’ing when Latrice suddenly started to count how many times Redlic used her “hair move” during the battle.

When the clip was posted, it quickly gained attention on TikTok…


Latrice calling her out for repeating moves had me dying 😭😭 #streetwomanfighter #streetwomanfighter2 #swf2 #swf #mnetswf #mnet #latricekabamba #jamrepublic #foryou #fyp

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Even on Twitter, the video was getting a lot of reactions, with many loving how low-key “savage” Latrice was being and hit back in the best way when it came to her own dancing.

In the end, the judges chose Latrice as the winner… and it seems like Redlic’s skills just weren’t what they expected.

While Latrice and Redlic might have put any past grievances aside, Street Woman Fighter is still a competition and the JAM REPUBLIC dancer was sharing her thoughts on the dancing.


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