Dancer Noze Is Alleged To Have Deleted Sponsored Instagram Posts From Smaller Brands — Her Agency Responds

Noze’s label has responded to the allegations.

An exclusive report by media outlet Wikitree alleged dancer Noze had deleted Instagram posts sponsored by smaller brands.

Noze for Calvin Klein posted February 24, 2022 | @nozeworld/Instagram

The report on July 4 alleges that several smaller brands had reached out to the media outlet to lament the dancer’s professionalism as an influencer.

The report alleges that the dancer received a payment amount varying between ₩30.0 million KRW (about $23,100 USD) and ₩50.0 million KRW (about $38,500 USD) per post for 1-3 posts spread out between 3-6 months.

Smaller Brand A alleges that the dancer did not upload the pictures on the date they had asked.

We asked Noze’s representatives to upload the pictures, but the posting was delayed. It wasn’t after several lengthy messages that the picture was uploaded. It was months after the requested date.

— Small Brand A

The brand then stated that not long after, the pictures were deleted.

After a short while, the picture was deleted.

— Smaller Brand A

Another Smaller Brand B also stated that the dancer deleted their sponsored pictures.

Our sponsored picture is no longer on Noze’s social media platforms. She deleted all of them. We spent thousands of dollars per post, but they were not uploaded on the requested date. Noze’s representatives said it was due to her personal reasons. It is frustrating as we can’t keep waiting.

— Smaller Brand B

A different Smaller Brand C stated a similar story about Noze not uploading pictures on the requested dates.

We were going to launch our seasonal collection with the posting. However, due to Noze’s condition, the pictures weren’t uploaded. The pictures were uploaded after the season was over. We had to beg Noze’s representatives throughout the process.

— Smaller Brand C

When contacted by Wikitree, Noze’s label, Starting House, stated that it was true that the pictures weren’t uploaded on the requested date but stated because they were uploaded within the agreed-upon time frame, that there weren’t any issues.

Regarding why the pictures were deleted, the label stated that they did not run the dancer’s Instagram account.

Noze’s Instagram account is not run by the label. It is her personal account. We cannot tell you the reason why the pictures were deleted. We did not have any issues with any brands regarding this.

— Starting House

Wikitree then points out that there are no pictures of the dancer sponsoring smaller brands currently, but there are months-old pictures of more established luxury houses. The report then criticizes the dancer for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from smaller brands and then deleting the pictures due to personal reasons.

Noze for Fendi uploaded February 22, 2022 | @nozeworld/Instagram
Noze for Gucci uploaded on March 3, 2022 | @nozeworld/Instagram

The report also criticizes the dancer’s label for stating there were no issues in the dancer’s late posts as the time of posting did not exceed the originally agreed timeline, negatively affecting the smaller brand’s marketing strategies.

Noze has received a tremendous amount of popularity from her appearance on the hit show Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter. The dancer first made headlines for her beauty while working with EXO‘s Kai.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Wikitree