“Strong Girl Nam Soon” Actress Publicly Thanks International Star

The actress had nothing but compliments for the star.

Strong Girl Nam Soon actress Kim Jung Eun thanked Naomi Campbell for being a fan.

Kim Jung Eun | @chocolatecat9/Instagram

On October 18, Kim Jung Eun posted to her Instagram. In her post, the actress personally thanked Naomi Campbell for being a fan of her K-Drama, Strong Girl Nam Soon.

Thank you so much, Naomi Campbell! 🥰Ms. Campbell!! Im really happy to have heard you are a fan of my drama!! You are gorgeous and stunning! I’m a huge fan of yours! I appreciate it~love you😘. [sic]

— Kim Jung Eun

The actress also didn’t forget to remind fans to tune in to her K-Drama and revealed that they had pushed past the elusive 10% viewership rating mark.

Everyone, it’s (viewership rating) now at 10%. Thank you so much for the love. Please look forward to the fifth episode on Saturday at 10:30 PM.

— Kim Jung Eun

Previously, in a Vogue Korea interview, Naomi Campbell, who is well-known and beloved in Korea, revealed that she was a fan of Strong Girl Nam Soon.

Naomi Campbell | @naomi/Instagram

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Eun’s Strong Girl Nam Soon has defeated the odds to become one of Korea’s most-watched K-Dramas in only four episodes. The sequel to the international hit K-Drama, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Strong Girl Nam Soon tells the story of a girl with superpowers as she attempts to save her family. You can watch the K-Drama’s trailer in the link below.

Source: @chocolatecat9/Instagram