Student fatally stabs his ex-girlfriend’s father after a bad breakup

The murderer is a 25 years old, Chinese exchange student Xu Hai Pei.  This student started dating the victim after they met on an online website.

The day before the murder scene, on May 22nd, the female victim wanted to break up with the Chinese student but the student disagreed and instead commented that “If we aren’t dating then she might as well die and then I die with her.”

On May 23rd, the day of the murder scene, the Chinese student went to the victim’s apartment in Tokyo Shinagawagu with a 20-30cm knife. However, the victim’s apartment door was locked and so he entered through the apartment through the balcony.

The female victim’s parents were sleeping in the house, so Chinese student stabbed the victim’s Korean father, Lee Yong Min. The female victim’s mother, who was sleeping next to her husband, was badly injured. The female victim who had heard the ruckus ran out to the nearest police station and returned back home with a female police officer.

However, Chinese student injured the female police officer and followed the female victim with a bloody knife.

Other police officers also began to follow after the Chinese student and it took three to four officers to restrain him.

Source: Bada TV