Students Of The Famous SOPA School Speak Out Against Being Inappropriately Sexualised By Principal

Many famous idols attended this school where the alleged sexual abuse took place.

The School Of Performing Arts Seoul is famous for educating a lot of idols, many of the industry’s active idols went to high school there including Cheng Xiao, Park Jihoon and Eunha.

Over the past few days, the school has been involved in a massive scandal as former students and graduates speak out against the corruption of management and the degradation of the students. The students created a performance video to illustrate some of the injustices that they faced.

This well-put-together video makes clear the plight of these students who just wanted a fair education. Allegedly, many students were coerced into performing shows for private individuals while scantily-clad at the principal’s “private parties”. They were also forced to do a lot of skinship with other individuals, including soldiers.

According to the students, when they tried to reveal these injustices through social media, the principal and others threatened to sue them for libel. This is what prompted the students to make this video even knowing that it could cause legal trouble for them.

The story is starting to pick up media coverage in South Korea, the principal and his wife who are the chief perpetrators have refused interview requests from the press.

Evidence for these claims isn’t concrete but many are questioning why the students would take the legal risk and potentially damage their future careers if they were lying. There is a petition to the government that is starting to pick up steam asking for the principal to resign.

Whatever the truth is, everyone is hoping that it gets out soon and those who were victimised get justice. You can watch the full video below:

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