Studies Reveal How Much Money K-Pop Fans Spend On Their Idols

How much do you spend on your faves?

K-Pop fans know just how expensive it can be to support and keep up with your favorite idols. iPrice, an e-commerce aggregator, gathered data to find out which K-Pop group’s fans spent the most money.

According to the study, BTS took the number one spot for spending the most money. On average, a devoted ARMY spends an average of $1422 USD for the group.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Number 2 is girl group TWICE! ONCEs spend an average of $824 USD on the group, which can be used to buy merchandise, albums and concerts.

| JYP Entertainment

Coming in at number 3 is BLACKPINK. BLINKS can spend an average of about $665 USD on these girls.

| YG Entertainment

It has been revealed that purchasing merchandise can cost as much as buying concert tickets! For instance, if a fan were to buy one item per category, an ARMY would spend up to $545 USD, a BLINK up to $349 USD, and a ONCE up to $173 USD.

These results prove just how devoted and supportive K-Pop fans are for their idols. This year alone, K-Pop set the record for exports. According to the Korea Customs Service, the amount of Korea’s record exports increased four times the amount from 2017.

With the K-Pop industry expanding into Japan, China, U.S., Europe and other countries, the number of K-Pop record exporters increased from 75 countries to 114 countries.

Source: heraldcorp and iPrice