This Stunning Look From EXO’s Kai Almost Didn’t Happen — But Thankfully, His Mom Approved

Thank you, Kai’s mom!

EXO‘s Kai caught everyone’s attention in 2018 when he wore an unexpected accessory to the Gucci Cruise 2019 show: a stunning, bejeweled headpiece that covered much of his face like a veil! Kai recently revealed, however, that this iconic fashion moment almost didn’t happen. Here’s how!

Kai from EXO. | tvN D STUDIO/YouTube 

As the Global Ambassador for Seoul Fashion Week this year, Kai did an interview with tvND where he spoke about the event and his experience in the fashion industry. They asked him about this specific high fashion moment, and Kai recalled that it took a lot of thinking among him and his team.

We thought about that really hard until the very last moment. I think it was my first fashion show as an associate of Gucci. ‘Is it okay for me to make my first appearance with my face covered and messy hair?’ We thought about it a lot.

— Kai

Because he wasn’t sure whether or not to wear it, he called someone who knows him better than anyone: his mother!

| tvN D STUDIO/YouTube 

He reached out to his mom and asked her whether or not he should wear it. Obviously, she said yes! And we’re super glad she did.

| tvN D STUDIO/YouTube 

Kai said, however, that he knew his decision already deep down: “Actually, I already had the answer myself.” But the fact that his decision lined up with his mother’s goes to show how well she knows him!

| tvN D STUDIO/YouTube 

Check out the full interview below.

Source: Allure, Vogue, YouTube and Instagram