Stylist Behind Red Velvet Irene’s Recent Attitude Controversy Begs Fans To “Stop Bothering” Her

She also potentially hinted at legal action, should it continue.

The stylist-and-editor who initially exposed Red Velvet‘s Irene for allegedly “bullying” her and other staff members has taken to Instagram again…

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… this time, exposing Irene’s “fans” — said to be still harassing her over the issue. In an Instagram story, the stylist begs for the bothering and threatening to stop. She also warns that such harassment is “a crime” that “costs dearly“, potentially hinting that the stylist may consider legal action should it continue:

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Please stop bothering me. Don’t threaten me. It’s a crime and costs dearly. She doesn’t want it either.

— Stylist

The stylist finally mentions she is “staying silent for [Irene’s] sake“, likely alluding to the voice recording she created at the time but did not reveal, after Irene and SM Entertainment apologized.

I’m doing silent for her sake. This is my last request. Please and please.

— Stylist

In light of SM Entertainments’s announcement for Red Velvet’s comeback for 2021, starting with the SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity“, the attitude controversy has since resurfaced. Fans remain divided over whether or not Irene should return with the group.

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Source: theqoo

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