Stylists Love Styling BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Here’s Why

Lisa makes things easy for her stylists without even trying.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was recently mentioned for her impressive body shape on a recent episode of TMI News!

Lisa’s physique is out of this world and trainers agree! During a recent episode of TMI News, it was revealed that Lisa was ranked 3rd out of 6 female celebrities with the best body shape. Coming in at second is actress Kim Seo Hyung and first went to actress Lee Si Young!

In the episode, Lisa’s incredible portions were mentioned as she has a slim body as well as gorgeous long legs. The episode even brought up her iconic LILI’s FILM #3 – LISA Dance Performance Video that gained her legs attention all around the world.

Aside from her long legs and ant waist, Lisa also has an adorably small face. To exemplify, the show showed a picture of Lisa holding up a smartphone that was shockingly bigger than her face.

It’s because of her stunning figure and beautiful visuals that stylists love styling her!

Her body proportions are on another level, out of this world. – Her body proportions makes us think that she’s not a human.

— TMI News

The show also revealed that the group’s stylists are able to give Lisa any of the outfits that didn’t work on the other members.

According to the director of YG Entertainment, Lisa’s body proportion is so perfect that all the styles that aren’t good on other members went to Lisa.

— TMI News

The MCs also commented on how Lisa is able to pull off the most unique fashion. No matter how crazy and out there the style is, Lisa is able to pull it off.

While Lisa was born with a great figure, she maintains her health with several exercise regimes such as boxing.

Check out the video below: