The Face And Identity Of The Suspect In The Sindang Station Murder Are Released To The Public

The suspect is awaiting trial.

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This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

The face and identity of the suspect in the Sindang Station murder that rocked the nation were revealed on September 19.

Mourners gather at the crime scene in Sindang Station | Joongang Daily

The suspect has been revealed to be 31 years-old man Jun Joo Hwan. According to the Seoul Police Department, The Personal Information Disclosure Review Committee made the decision to reveal the suspect’s identity on the afternoon of September 19.

Murder suspect Jun Joo Hwan | SBS

The decision to reveal the identity of the suspect comes after a public outcry over the murder. Korea rarely reveals the identity of the suspect unless the crime is particularly egregious.

Jun Joo Hwan is suspected of murdering a woman station employee on February 14 at around 9 pm. The victim was murdered inside the women’s restroom inside Sindang Station.

Sindang Station’s women’s bathroom | Koreatimes

It has been revealed during the investigation that Jun Joo Hwan and the victim were colleagues who entered Seoul Transportation Corporation together.

Seoul Transportation Corporation | mcnews

As per police reports, Jun Joo Hwan then threatened the victim that he would release a video of the victim that he filmed illegally unless she dated him, which he was later sued for in October 2021. The suspect was then sued for stalking the victim in January 2022.

Another disturbing revelation was that Jun Joo Hwan had accessed the internal network of the Seoul Transportation Corporation to find the victim’s location.

Mourners pay their respect to the victim | Yonhap News

Jun Joo Hwan is currently awaiting trial for the murder of the victim. If found guilty, he faces possible life in prison.

Jun Joo Hwan | SBS

| Yonhap News

Source: SBS and Yonhap News