The “Suchwita” Staff Praise BTS’s V For His Actions Before Filming

V did one thing differently than his fellow BTS members.

BTS‘s V was the most recent Suchwita guest, as he joined fellow member Suga for an unforgettable episode filled with behind-the-scenes stories of the group’s decade-long career, their future plans, and more.

BTS’s V (left) and Suga (right) | @bts_bighit/Twitter

BTS’s V recently made his solo debut, releasing his album Layover on September 8. To celebrate his highly anticipated solo release, he made his long-awaited appearance on Suchwita, becoming the final member to join Suga on his variety program.

Suga began the episode by revealing that the younger BTS member was nervous about appearing on the show. The older member pointed out it was V’s first solo appearance on a talk show, and V confirmed he felt nervous about it before filming.

The maknae-line member sweetly revealed he had watched each of his fellow members’ Suchwita episodes, and the thought of appearing himself caused him to feel pressure about the appearance.

Suga assured V that there was nothing to worry about and advised him to be himself.

The older member later revealed the unique way V prepared for his appearance, showing his dedication and readiness to be on the show despite his initial nerves.

While discussing the alcohol V had prepared for filming, Suga revealed how impressed the Suchwita staff was with the younger member.

Suga shared that each Suchwita guest went through a pre-interview before appearing on the show, and V’s answers particularly touched the staff members.

Suga shared that V was the only member who answered every pre-interview question asked. The other members were eager to film and go with the flow because they already knew so much about each other.

The BTS members have been open about their close bond, and V opened up about the famous “I love you” text Suga sent him.

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BTS’s V Tells Suga How The Infamous “I Love You” Text Really Made Him Feel

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