Suga Advises Fans To Experience Concerts Through Their Eyes Rather Than Their Phone Screens

“Grandpa” Suga gives some more wise advice.

During Suga’s V-Live broadcast on June 1st, he gave some sage advice to the concert-goers of this generation. This isn’t the first time that Suga has given his wise counsel to ARMYs.

While talking to ARMY during the broadcast, Suga mentioned how happy it makes him seeing fans singing along and dancing during their music rather than recording the concert. He said “It really gives me a lot of energy” to see people reacting to the performance rather than watching through their phone screen.

He encourages ARMY to make the most out of every concert:

This is just a tip but if you go to a concert, even if it isn’t BTS, just have all the fun you can. Instead of standing there with your phone and taking videos for the whole show, capture the moment with your eyes. Sing and dance.

– Suga

While Suga acknowledges that phone videos can be useful to keep memories, he believes the strongest memories come from actually experiencing the event itself.