Fans Worried About Suga’s Health After #GetWellSoonYoongi Trends On Social Media

Get better soon Suga!

The hashtag #GetWellSoonYoongi has started trending on Twitter, causing some fans to panic thinking that he’s gotten ill or injured. Whenever something like that trends, it usually means something serious has happened to an idol.

While this isn’t as serious of a situation as the tag may have made it seem, it does seem like Suga is in need of some rest and recovery after ARMYs spotted something off in some of his dance moves during BTS‘s live “Black Swan” performances.

While probably unnoticeable to the casual watcher, some fans noticed that Suga as only using one of his arms for some of the dance movements that usually involve two.  People began to suspect a shoulder injury, which led others to remembering something in Suga’s past that may have led to his adjusting the choreography.

Before BTS debuted, Suga was involved in an accident where he was hit by a car while working as a delivery boy, which ended up injuring his shoulder. He tried to hide it from the company so that he could continue training, so as to make it seem not as serious as it was.

While fans are thrilled that Suga was still able to debut despite the injury, it’s clear that it still impacts him to this day, which leaves ARMYs hoping for some rest for the hard worker. It’s good to see that he is able to adjust the choreography so as to be easier on him, but hopefully once promotions are over he will have a long recovery period to let his shoulder get back to normal!

Check out some fans’ well wishes below.