Suga’s Response To The Same Old Question BTS Always Get Has ARMY Cracking Up

Suga is tired of hearing this question.

BTS will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards tonight so they’ve been fielding interviews backstage at the event. Special K and Kevin Quinn of KRBE-FM interviewed the group.

They asked the classic question BTS always seem to get in American interviews, “Who will you collaborate with next?”. The other members diligently answered the question. J-Hope picked Khalid, Jin picked Shawn Mendez, RM picked Lil’ Nas X. After some confusion where Suga was prompted, his answer has ARMY cracking up.

The Beatles

– Suga

Many ARMYs see this as a passive-aggressive answer by Suga who is tired of hearing this question. Since half of the Beatles are deceased it’s looking unlikely that BTS will be able to collaborate with them.

RM’s comical “maybe” afterwards also adds to the humour of the situation. Let’s see if Suga will double-down on his answer the next time BTS are asked this question. You can watch the full interview below: