STAYs Are Freaking Out Over The Suggestive Lyrics Of Bang Chan And Lee Know’s New Song “Drive”

When Bang Chan said more “mature” he meant it!

Recently, the music video for Stay KidsBang Chan and Lee Know‘s duet Drive was released on the group’s official YouTube channel. Almost immediately, the song became a huge topic of conversation among STAYs due to its suggestive lyrics.

While the song isn’t technically considered explicit, a lot of the phrases used throughout the video have quite evident double meanings.

STAYs were also surprised but excited to see that both members are credited for writing the song, as Bang Chan had expressed in an interview last month that he wanted to try doing a more mature performance with Lee Know.

 I have wanted to challenge myself and do a mature performance with Lee Know. It’s because we’re the oldest hyungs and so we wanted to show off a mature performance as the oldest hyungs.

— Bang Chan

SKZ Interview: Unreleased (Part 1) | smash.
“Drive” Credits | Stray Kids/YouTube

You can watch the entire Drive music video for yourself right here:



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