Suho Reveals How Nervous He Is About EXO’s Imminent Summer Comeback

Boy group EXO is making a highly anticipated comeback in just a matter of days, returning with not just one but two title tracks whose concept greatly differs from one another.

Continuing to tease fans following up to the release date, member Suho held a special live broadcast on Naver’s V Live+ on June 6th at 8pm KST where he spoke a bit about their upcoming return with the full album EX’ACT.

He said, “We are preparing a new performance.”

Suho continues, “EXO’s comeback is approaching. It’s been a long time since we’ve released a regular album instead of a special album,” adding that because of the length of time since they’re last full album, they are returning with two title tracks.

“I’m always nervous every time we make a comeback. I know there’s fans who believe and patiently wait for us, but as singers and performers, we think that we should return with something new each time. But if it’s too different, people will say ‘This isn’t EXO’s style.’ Then again, if our releases are similar, people will say it’s just the same thing over and over again.”

EXO will be releasing EX’ACT on June 9th at midnight KST along with their two title tracks “Lucky One” and “Monster,” while they’re showcase will be held on June 8th.

Image capture of EXO's Suho on V App
Image capture of EXO’s Suho on V App

Source: OSEN