Sulli Posts Some Bizarre Photos From Her New Year’s Party

The star continues to stay true to herself into the new year!

Many people have celebrated the new year through a home party with their loved ones and it seems that Sulli was one of them!


Sulli recently posted a series of photos from her new year’s party and some of them seemed quite bizarre! In one photo, she showed off her armpits as her friends took pictures.


In another photo, she made an interesting pose with her acquaintance.


She also held a huge banana in front of the camera…


And shared many other photos that show her affection for her friends.


She also shared a video of herself eating grapes, an Argentinian countdown tradition. While the tradition calls for eating 12 grapes, Sulli said she didn’t know why she ended up eating 17.

“Eating 12 grapes as the Argentinian tradition for last year’s countdown! But we’ll never know why I ate 17 grapes and why our new year’s music was Live A Day.”


And while some of them seemed a bit out of the ordinary, no one can deny how much fun it looked like she was having with her acquaintances!

Source: Instagram