Sulli Reveals How Her Casting Story Into SM Entertainment Differs From Everyone Else

Sulli was an exception to this strict rule!

On Reply NightSulli opened up about how she was cast in SM Entertainment when she was younger. She explained that a casting agent from the company reached out to her after seeing her on Ballad Of Seodong.


But the funny part was that SM had too many trainees at the time, so the company had a strict “No Casting” policy in effect. But the casting agent who saw Sulli edited a video of her singing, dancing, and acting on the drama and submitted for review.


Needless to say, Sulli was welcomed into SM Entertainment!


But what surprised her the most was that when Lee Soo Man saw Sulli’s video, he claimed that “although SM has a ‘No Casting’ policy right now, we need to cast these kinds of talent right away!


And right he is! How regretful would SM have been if they missed out on talent like Sulli?!

Source: Osen