Sulli Reveals How Her Outlook On Her Career As A Celebrity Drastically Changed Over The Years

She’s completely changed.

During the latest episode of Reply Night, Sulli opened up about her decision to become a celebrity and how that career choice has changed her drastically.


Koyote’s Shinji revealed that she knew Sulli since she first debuted. Back then, Sulli did not like being a celebrity at all!

Sulli and I met each other often since she debuted at a young age. She was stressed often so she was completely different back then.

She was young, so she would often complain, ‘Everyone hates only me.’

— Shinji


Sulli explained that it got to a point where she didn’t even want people staring at her!

I hated even people looking at me. I believed that the career as a celebrity didn’t match with me at all.

— Sulli


But over the years, Sulli’s mindset has changed drastically! She now claims that she was “born to be a celebrity!


Shinji laughed as she expressed how proud she was of Sulli’s growth over the years. She’s even learned life lessons from the once young child who used to whine to her!

Watching Sulli grow up, I’m so proud of her. I even wonder why I can’t be as confident as she is at times.

— Shinji


Thank goodness Sulli had eventually changed her mind! What would life be without our goddess Sulli?!

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