Sulli and Choiza crush breakup rumors with latest intimate video clip

Sulli and Choiza have had enough with the breakup rumors.

Sulli and Choiza have been at the center of controversy ever since their dating news broke. Recently, there were many speculations the two had broken up. The couple shut down these rumors hard with Sulli’s recent Instagram posts.

Sulli’s best friend IU held a solo concert on the 4th. Close friends of hers were in attendance including Sulli and Choiza.

Photo-time for us too ♥ All of us dancing and singing along, so excited heee

우리도 포토타임? 다같이 춤추고 노래 따라 부르고 넘신난다 히

?질리젤리진니?(@jelly_jilli)님이 게시한 사진님,

The picture also includes actress Yoo Inna, comedian Jo Seho, and TV personnel Yoo Byungjae.

Another post was of the couple drinking soju together.

Releasing this video because my feels are exploding #GodJieun #DrinkingWhileLookingAtJingJJangsFace #ChamYiSeul

덕심폭발해서 영상푼다 #갓지은 #징짱얼굴보며마시는 #참이슬

?질리젤리진니?(@jelly_jilli)님이 게시한 동영상님,

Looks like the couple is still going strong!