Sulli Attacked By Japanese Netizens After Posting About Comfort Women

Sulli was attacked by Japanese netizens about her post.

Korea recently held their first national memorial day for the comfort women who were sex slave victims of the Japanese imperial army during World War II.

Koreans protesting the Japanese government’s stance on Comfort Women during the first Comfort Women Memorial Day.


In honor of the first memorial day, Sulli uploaded a poster that announced August 14th as the official Comfort Women’s Memorial Day.


Korean netizens praised her for using her public influence to raise awareness of the memorial day.

  • “You’re putting your influence to good use.”
  • “I didn’t know about this until Sulli.”
  • “Sulli’s amazing.”


Japanese netizens, on the other hand, began attacking her by leaving malicious comments under her post.

  • “Don’t you dare come to Japan anymore”
  • “Don’t ever come to Japan. Don’t you know Japan gave Korea money? F*ck”
  • “I didn’t know Sulli was like this but she’s 100% Korean”


Some believed it was inappropriate of her to post about a sensitive political subject, while she had fans visiting her Instagram from all over the world.

  • “It’s so sad that most of K-Pop idols believe in this kind of thing.”
  • “So many fans of different nationalities come to see your posts. You shouldn’t upload political things.”
  • “I’m a Japanese fan of yours. I have nothing to say about this image. Please don’t forget you have Japanese fans.”


Japanese netizens even began criticizing Korea, claiming that it was inferior to Japan.

  • “Korea would never have gotten to where it is now without the help of Japan”
  • “It’s not wrong to hate the Koreans. If Japan drops Korea, then they’re done. If K-Pop idols don’t have Japanese fans to rely on, they’ll lose a lot of money. Japan won’t be at a loss for anything.”
  • “We don’t have to worry because Korea will never be able to win over Japan in technology or economically. Korea has nothing to be proud of. You guys can’t even compete with Japan. I hope Koreans stay f*cking retarded with their drugs ㅋㅋ”
  • “Koreans are such poor people ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”


Shiroma Miru, a Japanese contestant on Produce48, has recently come under fire for supposedly unfollowing Sulli after her comfort women post.

A post shared by 白間美瑠 (@shiro36run) on


Although it’s uncertain if the real reason was because of Sulli’s post, Shiroma Miru is being criticized for trying to debut in Korea while allegedly disagreeing with the controversy of Comfort Women.

  • “Why did you unfollow Sulli after the comfort women post?”
  • “You’re just trying to use the grand stage of K-Pop to make money and debut on a global scale. It’s disgusting.”
  • “Miru unfollowed Sulli after her post about comfort women day. She followed Sulli until yesterday, when Sulli uploaded the post. And she acts innocent and upload on her Instagram like nothing’s wrong. Shame on her. She’s a girl, but she won’t respect the comfort women victims who are also girls. It’s sad.”
Source: Nate Pann, DongA News and SE Daily