Sulli Shares Dance Video, Netizens Bash Her For Looking “Dirty”

Netizen’s attacked her, calling her a “dirty” and a “pervert”.

Former f(x) member Sulli updated her Instagram with a dance video for the first time in a long time.

In the video, she’s wearing a simple black and white outfit as she dances along to Marian Hill’s “One Time”.

It’s been years since Sulli’s shown off the performance side of her career, but it was clear that she still had the fluid moves.

She danced perfectly as she showed off her natural sexy aura.

However, many netizens left unflattering comments on her video. They took to Korean forums to bash her talents.

“Honestly whatever she does, she looks like a pervert hahahaha”

“Oh yeah, she was a singer. I forgot.”

“Her existence itself is lethal.”

“The importance of image ㅠㅠ she makes even this look dirty”

“She only uploaded this to hear people say she’s sexy.”

“She’s so f*cking bad at dancing.”

“You’re so perverted… you are…”

— Netizen Comments

Watch Sulli’s new dance practice video below:

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