Sulli Uploaded New Photos Showing Off Her Fit Figure, Netizens Began Bashing Her For It

They left horrible comments.

Sulli recently updated her Instagram with photos that bared her fit figure in skin-tight outfits.


She also went shopping to try out some retro-style outfits that are perfect for spring!


She bared her fit midriff as she showed off her modelesque figure!


However, when Korean news sites began writing about her posts, netizens flooded the comments section with malicious messages. They criticized her for her choice of fashion and lifestyle.


Many also began bringing up the fact that she enjoys going out without wearing a bra. They called her choice of style “uncomfortable” and “perverted”.


Thankfully, her fans on Instagram have been more than supportive of her beauty. Sulli will hopefully pay no mind to the haters and continue doing what she loves with the support of her fans!

Source: Star News and My Daily