Sulli Hated Her Stage Name At First, She Explains Why

She didn’t even want friends and family calling her ‘Sulli’.

Sulli, who’s birth name is Choi Jin Ri, confessed to hating her stage name at first.


In a preview of her reality show, Jinri Store, she talked about how it took her awhile to like her stage name.

“I did not want to use the name Sulli at first. I hated it. If my family or close friends call me Sulli, I ask them why they call me by that name.”

— Sulli 


She begins to explain why when the teaser cuts off, making sure the fans tune in if they want to know why she hated the name so much!

“The story behind it is long, but…”

— Sulli


She was given the stage name Sulli when she made her debut with SM Entertainment as a member of f(x) back in 2009. It stuck with fans ever since, and she’s continued to promote under her stage name.


To clarify any misunderstanding, however, she personally added the teaser on her Instagram with a caption explaining that she only hated the name in the beginning of her career.

“Editing of the devil? ㅋㅋㅋ I only hated it in the beginning🔮”

— Sulli


It’s obvious that the name has grown into her too! 

Source: Newsen