Sulli Responded Back To Comments About Her Not Wearing A Bra While Drinking Alcohol On Instagram Live

She responded back with a surprising answer.

Sulli recently went on Instagram Live while drinking with her close friends, but haters immediately began criticizing her for various reasons.


They first claimed that it was wrong of her to be drunk during a live broadcast and criticized her friends for allowing her to do this when she’s a celebrity.


Then the friend pointed out that haters were wanting to know, “Why are you confident without a bra?


Sulli first seemed irritated by the question as she glared at the phone screen.


Then a friend explained that they may be worrying about Sulli. Sulli quickly responded that haters didn’t need to worry about her because she was doing just fine.

The only thing that bothered her were people who would stare at her with malicious intent.

“Are you worrying about me? You don’t need to worry about me because I’m okay. But I don’t like people who keep staring.”

— Sulli


Her friends also backed her up claiming that she shouldn’t be criticized for her choice in comfort. They also asked the haters who pretend to be worried for her to stop being fake.

“Everyone here isn’t wearing a bra. We didn’t wear undershirts either. Is it like when someone asks how you can be so confident without any makeup? There’s no reason. It’s just people’s preference for what’s comfortable.

“They say they’re worrying out for you as if you’re their own son or daughter but I don’t think it’s actually like that. They just want to criticize you.”

— Sulli’s Friends


Sulli and her friends proved once again that haters will never kill her free spirit!