Sulli Opens Up About Past Hardships As An Idol

“[Being an idol] was not for me, I think.”  

Sulli opened up about her past hardships as an idol on the first episode of her new program, Jinri Market.

Jinri Market is a program which follows Sulli on her adventure of opening up a pop-up store that reflects her style. From the opening to management and the closing, the program will show Sulli’s experiences and growth throughout the project.


Beginning her career at a young age, Sulli revealed that she has had her fair share of hardships.

“Since I started working at an early age, no one thought that I was young even when I was actually really young.”


Sulli began her trainee life when she was only in the fourth grade of elementary school.


Then she went on to debut as a member of f(x) in 2009 with their single, “La Cha Ta”.


During the group’s “Red Light” promotions, Sulli went on a hiatus due to mental and physical exhaustion. Eventually, she withdrew from the group in August 2015.


Reflecting back on this time, she confessed that with so much pressure on her shoulders, she often felt scared.

“I fels so much pressure on my shoulders and I often felt scared.”


Then, from a certain point on, she began to reflect on the reason why she was doing what she was doing.

“At some point, I started to realize and started to wonder why I should do this and for what I’m doing this.”


Eventually, she came to the conclusion that the path she was on didn’t suit her.

“[Being an idol] was not for me, I think.”


She continued to explain, “I couldn’t see the future. I had no idea what would happen in the future, so I did everything I could to protect myself.”


Finally, she revealed that she felt completely alone.

“Even when I said I was exhausted, no one listened to me. I felt all alone in the world.”


Watch the full episode of Jinri Shop here:

Source: Sports Chosun