Sulli Reveals The Biggest Regret Of Her Life

Sulli recently sat down with Grazia magazine for a photo shoot and interview.

In the interview, she was asked about what she regrets the most, now that she is nearing her mid-twenties.

Sulli said that she regretted not attending university, which was something she always wanted to do.

“Of the 24 years I’ve lived, the thing I most regret is not having attended university.

I’ve always wanted to go but I couldn’t. I’ll definitely go even if it’s later on in life.”

— Sulli

Sulli also revealed that she sometimes wonders what it would have been like if she hadn’t debuted so early in life.

“In the beginning, it was a bit tough for me because I became a part of this huge group called ‘entertainment’.

I often wonder what it would have been like if I’d learned about society in a smaller group first.”

— Sulli

Currently, Sulli is choosing the next project she’ll be working on as an actress.

Source: Sports Chosun