Sulli shuts down haters in latest Instagram post

A post from Sulli received negative comments due to her informal language towards a senior actor. 

On December 19th, Sulli attended an event supporting Kang Dong Won. At the event, she also met veteran actors Lee Sung Min and Bae Jung Nam, and it was shared on her personal Instagram account. Sulli posted the photo with the caption, “I haven’t met loving Sung Min-ssi for a long time. Older brother Bae Jung Nam too. We’re all here to support Dong Won oppa!”

The casual approach was met with a few raised eyebrows. As soon as she posted the photo, she was criticized for her casual tone with the veteran actors and called her disrespectful.

To ease the negative comments, Sulli responded to the claims with an explanation.

“It was just my nickname for Lee Sung Min. Please do not react too sensitively! Haha.”

It was also during the same event where Sulli dazzled the audience with her stylish fashion. The event was to celebrate the release of the Korean film, Master. 

Sulli Amazes Crowd With Stylish Fashion In Rare Public Appearance

Source: JoongAng