Sulli Didn’t Think She Was Fit To Be A Celebrity For This Reason

Sulli revealed that she used to think she wasn’t made out to be a celebrity.

She thought the entertainment world didn’t have a space for someone like her.

“I used to believe that I didn’t fit well in the [entertainment industry].”

— Sulli

She used to bring her confidence down by comparing herself to other celebrities.

“I would look at people who are ‘different’ from me and think, ‘I can’t. People like them belong as celebrities.'”

— Sulli

But now she’s gained her confidence back after switching her way of thinking.

“But now I think, ‘Oh, I was wrong? There’s a place for me too.'”

— Sulli

“My self confidence grew, and I gained a sense of achievement and responsibility.”

— Sulli

Sulli now plans on making acting her life long career!

“These days, I think acting can become my life long career. It feels like I match well with ‘this place’.”

— Sulli

Source: TV Report